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// C++ Interface: kbfileinfo
// Description: 
// Author: Magnus Kulke <mkulke@magnusmachine>, (C) 2004
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution

#include <qfileinfo.h>

class KbItem;

@author Magnus Kulke
00022 class KbFileInfo : public QFileInfo

      KbFileInfo(QFileInfo qfi);
      KbFileInfo(const KbFileInfo& kfi);
      KbFileInfo(QString workingdir);
      KbFileInfo(KbItem* item, QString workingdir);
      KbFileInfo(const QString & d, const QString & fileName, off64_t size, QString date, unsigned int date_int);
      off64_t Size() { return m_size; };
      QString Date() { return m_date; };
      unsigned int DateInt() { return m_date_int; };
      void SetDirPath(QString path); 
      void SetSize(off64_t size) { m_size = size; };
      static bool PrioritySort(KbFileInfo *f1, KbFileInfo *f2);
      //static bool PrioritySort(const KbFileInfo &f1, const KbFileInfo &f2);
   off64_t m_size;
      unsigned int m_date_int;
      QString m_date;


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