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KbTransferItem Class Reference

#include <kbtransferitem.h>

Inheritance diagram for KbTransferItem:

KbTransferDir KbTransferFile

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Detailed Description

Magnus Kulke

Definition at line 37 of file kbtransferitem.h.

Public Types

enum  status { clear = 0, src_ready, dst_ready, done }
enum  type { file = 1001, dir }

Public Member Functions

void Abort ()
KbFileInfoDstFileInfo ()
FtpSessionDstSession ()
void Finish ()
void IncrementStatus ()
virtual void Info ()
void Init ()
 KbTransferItem (QListView *taskview, QListViewItem *after, FtpSession *srcsession, FtpSession *dstsession, KbFileInfo *src, KbFileInfo *dst)
 KbTransferItem (QListViewItem *root, QListViewItem *after, FtpSession *srcsession, FtpSession *dstsession, KbFileInfo *src, KbFileInfo *dst)
virtual void ShowProgress (KbStatusTip *statustip)
KbFileInfoSrcFileInfo ()
FtpSessionSrcSession ()
void StartTimer ()
int Status ()
void Xfered (off64_t xfered)

Protected Attributes

int m_status
QTime m_time
bool m_transfererror
off64_t m_xfered

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