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Kasablanca Class Reference

#include <kasablanca.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Kasablanca is the base class of the project

Definition at line 56 of file kasablanca.h.

Public Types

enum  RightClickMenu {
  Transfer = 1001, Queue, Delete, Rename,
  Mkdir, Start, Skip, Bookmark

Public Slots

void SLOT_ClearQueue (FtpSession *session)
void SLOT_EditBookmarks ()
void SLOT_ImportBookmarks ()
void SLOT_ItemRightClickedT (QListViewItem *item, const QPoint &point, int col)
void SLOT_LocalProcessExited (KProcess *proc)
void SLOT_NextTransfer (QListViewItem *item)
void SLOT_ProcessQueue ()
void SLOT_QueueItems (KbDirInfo *dir, FtpSession *src, FtpSession *dst, bool startqueue)
void SLOT_SelectionChanged ()
void SLOT_SkipTasks ()

Public Member Functions

void InitBookmarks ()
KbStatusTipstatusTip () const
KSystemTray * systemTray () const

Public Attributes

list< KbSiteInfo > m_bookmarks
QString m_tempdirname
QString m_version

Private Slots

void applyConfig ()
void newToolbarConfig ()
void optionsConfigureKeys ()
void optionsConfigureToolbars ()
void optionsPreferences ()
void optionsShowStatusbar ()
void optionsShowToolbar ()

Private Member Functions

QListViewItem * NextTransfer (QListViewItem *item)
void ProcessQueue (KbTransferItem *item)
void QueueFinished ()
void QueueItemsRecurse (KbDirInfo *dir, FtpSession *src, FtpSession *dst, QListViewItem *parent=NULL)
void saveSettings ()
void setupActions ()
void setupGUI ()
void setupMenu ()
void setupStatusBar ()

Private Attributes

QPopupMenu m_bookmarksmenu_a
QPopupMenu m_bookmarksmenu_b
QPixmap m_iconencrypted
QPixmap m_iconunencrypted
QString m_onqueuefinished
bool m_onqueuefinishedenabled
QPopupMenu m_rclickmenu_a
QPopupMenu m_rclickmenu_b
QPopupMenu m_rclickmenu_t
QRegExp m_skiplist
bool m_skiplistenabled
KToggleAction * m_statusbarAction
KToggleAction * m_toolbarAction
QLabel * mp_encryptionicon_a
QLabel * mp_encryptionicon_b
list< FtpSession * > * mp_sessionlist
QLabel * mp_statusline_a
QLabel * mp_statusline_b
KSystemTray * mp_systemtray
KasablancaMainWindow * mp_view

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