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FtpThread Class Reference

#include <ftpthread.h>

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Detailed Description

Magnus Kulke

Definition at line 46 of file ftpthread.h.

Public Member Functions

bool Authtls ()
bool Cdup ()
bool Chdir (QString path)
void ClearQueue ()
bool Connect (QString host)
bool Dir (bool force=false)
bool EncryptData (bool flag, bool force=false)
void Event (EventHandler::EventType type, void *data=NULL)
ftplib * Ftp ()
bool FxpDisableTls ()
void FxpReportResult (bool result)
bool Login (QString user, QString pass)
bool Mkdir (QString path)
bool Pasv (bool flag)
bool Pwd ()
bool Quit ()
bool Raw (QString cmd)
bool Rename (QString src, QString dst)
bool Rm (QString name)
bool Rmdir (QString name)
bool Scandir (KbDirInfo *dir)
void SetEventReceiver (QObject *eventreceiver)
bool Transfer_Changedir (QString dir, int tls)
bool Transfer_Fxp (QString src, QString dst, FtpThread *dstftp, int srctls, int dsttls, off64_t resume=0, int alt=0)
bool Transfer_Get (QString src, QString dst, int tls, off64_t resume=0)
bool Transfer_Mkdir (QString dir)
bool Transfer_Put (QString src, QString dst, int tls, off64_t resume=0)

Static Public Member Functions

static void CallbackLog (char *log, void *arg, bool out)
static int CallbackXfer (off64_t xfered, void *arg)

Public Attributes

QString m_linebuffer

Private Types

enum  task {
  connect = 0, negotiateencryption, login, quit,
  pwd, chdir, cdup, dir,
  scandir, rm, rmdir, authtls,
  dataencryption, mkdir, rename, raw,
  transfer_changedir, transfer_get, transfer_mkdir, transfer_put,

Private Member Functions

void Authtls_thread ()
void Cdup_thread ()
void Chdir_thread ()
void Connect_thread ()
bool ConnectionLost ()
void Dataencryption_thread ()
bool Delete_recurse (QString name)
void Delete_thread ()
void Dir_thread ()
bool FormatFilelist (const char *filename, QString current, filist *filetable, filist *dirtable)
void InitInternals ()
void Login_thread ()
void Mkdir_thread ()
void Pwd_thread ()
void Quit_thread ()
void Raw_thread ()
void Rename_thread ()
void Rm_thread ()
void Rmdir_thread ()
void run ()
bool Scandir_recurse (KbDirInfo *dir, QString path)
void Scandir_thread ()
void Transfer_Changedir_thread ()
void Transfer_Fxp_thread ()
void Transfer_Get_thread ()
void Transfer_Mkdir_thread ()
void Transfer_Put_thread ()

Private Attributes

QStringList m_cache_list
QValueVector< dirpair > m_cache_vector
bool m_dataencrypted
dirpair m_dircontent
filist m_dirlist
filist m_filelist
QValueList< FtpThread * > m_ftplist
QValueList< int > m_intlist
QString m_pwd
QStringList m_stringlist
QValueList< task > m_tasklist
QValueList< off64_t > m_ulonglist
QObject * mp_eventreceiver
ftplib * mp_ftp
QMutex * mp_mutex

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