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FtpSession Class Reference

#include <ftpsession.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Magnus Kulke

Definition at line 47 of file ftpsession.h.

Public Types

enum  filecheck { off = 0, skip, clear, resume }

Public Slots

void SLOT_ActionMenu (int i)
void SLOT_AuthTls (bool success)
void SLOT_CmdLine ()
void SLOT_Connect (bool success)
void SLOT_ConnectButton ()
void SLOT_ConnectionLost ()
void SLOT_ConnectMenu (int i)
void SLOT_CwdLine ()
void SLOT_Dir (bool success, list< KbFileInfo * > dirlist, list< KbFileInfo * > filelist)
void SLOT_EncryptData (bool success)
void SLOT_Finish ()
void SLOT_HeaderClicked (int section)
void SLOT_ItemClicked (QListViewItem *)
void SLOT_ItemRClicked (QListViewItem *item, const QPoint &point, int col)
void SLOT_LocalProcessExited (KProcess *proc)
void SLOT_Log (QString log, bool out)
void SLOT_Login (bool success)
void SLOT_Misc (bool success)
void SLOT_Pwd (bool success, QString pwd)
void SLOT_RefreshButton ()
void SLOT_Scandir (bool success, KbDirInfo *dir)
void SLOT_Transfer (bool success)
void SLOT_TransferButton ()
void SLOT_Xfered (off64_t xfered, bool encrypted)


void gui_clearqueue (FtpSession *session)
void gui_queueitems (KbDirInfo *dir, FtpSession *src, FtpSession *dst, bool startqueue)
void gui_succeedtransfer (QListViewItem *item)
void gui_update ()

Public Member Functions

void Abort ()
int CheckFile (KbTransferItem *item)
void Connect ()
bool Connected ()
void Disconnect ()
void EnableCmdLine (bool b)
void FilterHiddenFiles (bool b)
void Free ()
FtpThreadFtp ()
 FtpSession (QObject *parent=0, const char *name=0)
bool Occupied ()
void Occupy ()
void SetBookmarksMenu (QPopupMenu *bookmarksmenu)
void SetBrowser (QListView *browser)
void SetCmdLine (KLineEdit *cmdline)
void SetColors (QColor local, QColor success, QColor failure, QColor background)
void SetConnectButton (QToolButton *connectbutton)
void SetCurrentTransfer (KbTransferItem *currenttransfer)
void SetCwdLine (KLineEdit *cwdline)
void SetEncryptionIcon (QLabel *encryptionicon)
void SetFont (QFont font)
void SetLogWindow (QTextEdit *logwindow)
void SetOnFileExistsDefault (filecheck onfileexistsdefault)
void SetRclickMenu (QPopupMenu *rclickmenu)
void SetRefreshButton (QToolButton *refreshbutton)
void SetSessionList (list< FtpSession * > *sessionlist)
void SetStatusLine (QLabel *statusline)
void SetTransferButton (QToolButton *transferbutton)
KbSiteInfo * SiteInfo ()
void Transfer (KbTransferItem *item)
QString WorkingDir ()

Private Member Functions

void ChangeDirectory (QString path)
bool CheckLocalDirectory (QString path)
bool CopyLocalFile (KbTransferItem *item)
void FxpFile (KbTransferItem *item, filecheck fc)
void GetFile (KbTransferItem *item, filecheck fc)
void MakeDirectory (QString dir)
bool MakeLocalDirectory (QString path)
void PrintLog (bool success)
void PutFile (KbTransferItem *item, filecheck fc)
void QueueItems ()
void RefreshBrowser ()
bool ScandirLocal (KbDirInfo *dir, QString path)
void SortItems ()
void timerEvent (QTimerEvent *)
void UpdateLocal (QString cwd="")

Private Attributes

QColor m_colorfailure
QColor m_colorlocal
QColor m_colorsuccess
bool m_connected
bool m_encrypted
QPixmap m_iconencrypted
QPixmap m_iconunencrypted
QDir m_localworkingdir
list< logentries > m_loglist
QFont m_logwindowfont
bool m_occupied
filecheck m_onfileexistsdefault
QString m_remoteworkingdir
bool m_sortascending
int m_sortpref
bool m_startqueue
QPopupMenu * mp_bookmarksmenu
QListView * mp_browser
KLineEdit * mp_cmdline
QToolButton * mp_connectbutton
KLineEdit * mp_cwdline
QLabel * mp_encryptionicon
EventHandler * mp_eventhandler
QHeader * mp_header
QTextEdit * mp_logwindow
QPopupMenu * mp_rclickmenu
QToolButton * mp_refreshbutton
list< FtpSession * > * mp_sessionlist
KbSiteInfo * mp_siteinfo
QLabel * mp_statusline
QToolButton * mp_transferbutton

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